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Challenge Recipes

Torta Della Nonna

Daring Kitchen
November 2016

Hello Daring Bakers and Cooks! My name is Ginger-Z and this is the first time I’ve hosted a challenge. I’ve been a member since 2013. I thoroughly enjoy the amazing talent (and patience) of many Daring Kitchen members. Each challenge I’ve participated in has helped me to become a better baker. I’m pleased to present this challenge: Torta Della Nonna (translated ‘Grandmother’s Cake’).

Decorated swiss roll

Daring Kitchen
October 2016

Decorated Swiss Rolls

Hi, I’m Korena from Korena in the Kitchen and I’m very excited to be hosting another challenge here on the Daring Kitchen! This month I’m challenging the group to make decorated Swiss rolls, aka “deco rolls”, in the style of Japanese food blogger and cookbook author Junko, who has taken the internet by storm with her adorable “kawaii” versions.


Daring Kitchen
September 2016

I’m Jason and blog at Daily Candor. I’ve been participating in Daring Kitchen challenges since January 2011, and have hosted a challenge before (Armenian nazouk and nutmeg cake). I’m happy to host a second time, this time featuring a peculiar-looking and peculiarly named hrapocuša (hrah-PO-choo-sha) cake (or Dolska torta, or “Dol cake”). Created by the villagers of the tiny town of Dol on the Dalmatian island of Brač.


Daring Kitchen
August 2016

Hi, this is Marcellina here again blogging at Marcellina in Cucina. I have hosted a couple of times before (Panettone and Lamingtons) and am thrilled to have the
chance to host again. Daring Kitchen has been good to me as I have learnt many new skills and recipes thanks to the generosity of the Daring Kitchen family.
This time I bring to you, Pavlova.

Patterned pasta

Daring Kitchen
July 2016

Hi everybody I am Dulcie from (and London, England). I am so excited to be hosting my first challenge! I have been developing all-natural rainbow pasta recipes for a couple of years now and want to challenge you all to make your own patterned pasta from scratch. I promise, it is not as complex as the end results would lead you to believe.


Daring Kitchen
June 2016

Hello! My name is Sara and I blog at Sassy Suppers. I am an ambitious cook but a lazy blogger. Lots of what happens in my kitchen never makes it onto the World Wide Web. I’ve been a Daring Baker since 2008. This is my very first time hosting a challenge. Way back in my college days I was a Russian major. I remember very little of the language but I do remember the food we used to cook and eat. One of my favorites was pirozhki. These are little hand-sized pies filled with meat or vegetables. They are tastiest when fried but can also be baked.

Twist bread

Daring Kitchen
May 2016

Hi, I am Tandy and I blog over at Lavender and Lime . I have been blogging since September 2009 and have enjoyed participating in the Daring challenges over the years. Every week I make bread. Usually a sourdough loaf as I have the most amazing sourdough starter. To me there is something really amazing about the smell of bread baking. Even better is the glorious scent you get when you cut into the bread. Filled breads to me are my first choice, and so the challenge this month is to make your own filled bread, using ingredients you most love.

Kouign Amann

Daring Kitchen
April 2016

A kouign amann (prounounced “kwee-amahn”) is a round crusty pastry that originated in Brittany in roughly 1860. It is made with a bread dough that is laminated (think of a croissant or puff pastry) and then sprinkled with sugar before being cut into squares and baked in muffin tins. I became aware of this morning pastry as I watched an episode of The Great British Bake Off and was keenly interested in trying it simply because I’d never heard of it before and really, you can’t go wrong with layers of dough, butter, and sugar … right??


Daring Kitchen
March 2016

Hi. I’m Julianna from Ohio. I’ve participate in the DBC off and on since 2009. When Rachael and Sawsan put out the call for hosts I thought it was about time I do my part. I have enjoyed so many challenges. I bring you the Stroopwafel.

Katmer pie

Daring Kitchen
February 2016

Hi everyone! Hope you are doing fine! I am Milkica from Mimi’s Kingdom. I’ve decided to challenge my dear fellow Daring Kitchen members to prepare traditional Serbian Katmer pie. Katmer pie originates from southern parts of Serbia. To be more precise, it is kind of pie made with katmer dough, very old and traditional type of puff pastry. This type of dough is made with lard instead of butter and is much simpler than puff pastry.

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