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Daring Members on the spot


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Yummy in my Tummy

Well, I’m Lisa, I’m from the Netherlands and if I’m not teaching teenagers Dutch, I’m cooking and baking or working on our website.

Lisa (or Lis)

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La Mia Cucina

I’m a 40 some year old gal who likes to bitch and complain at the drop of hat. Wink


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Bits n' Bites

Multimedia operator, Baker, BBQ aficionado


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I am a 40 ish y/o female who will always be 29. I am married with...


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Not Quite Nigella

My name is Lorraine and I live in gorgeous Sydney, Australia with my husband who is food apathetic...


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Please Do Not Feed The Animals

I am a part time GP, wife and Mum to two little boys.


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I am a French food writer from Montreal, Canada. Mom with a 3 year old who is going through...


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Dog Hill Kitchen

I’ve always been interested in food and cooking especially...


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Freakin' Delicious!

I’m a 17 year old know it all who loves to try new things. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever described myself so well in one sentence!


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I Heart Cakes

Hi! My name is Malin, I'm 27 years old and joined the Daring Bakers a couple of months ago. It seemed like a lot of fun and a nice way to try out new things...