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Recipe Challenge

Patterned pasta

Daring Kitchen
July 2016

Hi everybody I am Dulcie from (and London, England). I am so excited to be hosting my first challenge! I have been developing all-natural rainbow pasta recipes for a couple of years now and want to challenge you all to make your own patterned pasta from scratch. I promise, it is not as complex as the end results would lead you to believe.


Daring Kitchen
June 2016

Hello! My name is Sara and I blog at Sassy Suppers. I am an ambitious cook but a lazy blogger. Lots of what happens in my kitchen never makes it onto the World Wide Web. I’ve been a Daring Baker since 2008. This is my very first time hosting a challenge. Way back in my college days I was a Russian major. I remember very little of the language but I do remember the food we used to cook and eat. One of my favorites was pirozhki. These are little hand-sized pies filled with meat or vegetables. They are tastiest when fried but can also be baked.