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Technology to recycle all type of plastics without using water

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Traditionally, plastic recycling processes involve utilizing a large amount of water. In order to avoid this waste, Ak Inovex from Mexico developed a new green technology it doesn't need liquids, and has the capacity to process materials such as for example styrofoam, polystyrene and Stomach muscles using the same kind of customizable machinery.

The technology developed by Marco Adame, founder of Ak Inovex, can process more than 90 percent of any kind of plastic, avoids water waste and reduces production costs by half without reducing the quality of the pellets by avoiding stages with serious changes in temperature.

Marco Adame said than the original process of obtaining recycled beads involves cleaning and then milling plastic containers. However, this type of plastic gets the distinction to be hygroscopic, so that it must be dehydrated so that it can be crystallized; this involves applying heat at 180º C and cooling the material with water then.

However, the development of AK Inovex performs all this process without drinking water, so it goes to the formation of recycled beads straight. As a result the energy consumption is usually decreased by fifty percent, and also the physical space required to perform the operation is less because the operational system is smaller. Likewise the production of pellets is normally of better quality, a situation that makes the recycling procedure more profitable.

"Ak Inovex has a pending patent registration of the 3 technologies that integrate the development, which are in charge of cooling the plastic through connection with particular walls and form the plastic beads," the creator from the company explained.

The benefit of this technology is its ability to process any kind of plastic, such as styrofoam, polystyrene, ABS and pet; the difference is based on the mechanism, because there is a particular piece for each type of materials. The production capacity of plastic beads is definitely of two plenty and the team is currently focusing on increasing it to ten.
For next year, the company wants to transformation its business strategy and increase an ecological washing machine for plastics that uses a special biodetergent, which will reduce the cost of operation more also.

Marco Adame commented that throughout their participation in the Cleantech Challenge Mexico, a competition to promote the introduction of green companies, he had contact with the ALINSA group, that is engaged in the manufacture of environmentally friendly cleaning products using biodegradable chemical substances.

Following the competition, the two companies began talking and joined efforts with the purpose of integrating the ecological washing machine system using degradable plastic substances in under co extruder - 28 days without affecting the environment, hence replacing lye, which is the existing substance useful for washing the materials.