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Written by Mindy of A Balanced Kitchen

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February tends to drag. December is the month of holiday parties and overindulgence, and January is a month of hope and optimism full of healthy eating and New Year’s resolutions, but once February rolls around, we’ve all settled back in, broken most of those resolutions, and are feeling the winter blahs.

Hence it’s the perfect time for homey comfort food. Big bowls of chili, luxurious stews, Sunday evening roasts and hot chocolate by the fire, not to mention all the day-after sales on chocolate (note to self: February 15, all the leftover Valentine’s treats are on sale); all of a sudden February doesn’t seem so bad!

There are some delightful offerings from a variety of blogs that are just perfect to get through the last dregs of Winter.

Robin from A Chow Life’s meat lasagna will surely hit the spot. She even froze a bunch of it before giving birth so she wouldn’t have to go without during the first few weeks of getting used to Baby. (Photo by Robin of A Chow's Life - above)

Although it’s not typical Winter comfort food, Mardi from Eat.Live.Travel.Write showcased Chicken B’stilla. Mardi has many excellent recipes and I was originally going to highlight something else, but having spent time eating my way through copious amounts of chicken b’stilla in Morocco, I couldn’t resist; it is delicious.

Photo by Mardi

Cristina from Teenie Cakes is the master of muffins, and these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip ones are perfect for a blustery Sunday morning.

Photo by Cristina

I would be completely remiss not to include a deeply satisfying, rib-sticking chili here, and Kelly from Evil Shenanigans' Steak Chili definitely hits that spot. Kelly hails from Dallas, where they got 8 inches of snow overnight, so if this chili is good enough for Texans who are completely at a loss as to what to do with snow, it’s good enough for anyone.

Photo by Kelly

Something sweet is needed for this line-up, and Kevin from Closet Cooking’s No Bake Cheesecake is the perfect end (or replacement!) to a meal.

Photo by Kevin

There’s no reason pumpkin should be relegated to Fall, as Kare from The Hazel Bloom’s pancake recipe points out.

Photo by Kare

Despite it being summer right now in South Africa, I couldn’t resist including Marisa of The Creative Pot’s rendition of Molly Wizenberg’s Chocolate-Caramel Banana Bread. This is on my TO-MAKE-IMMEDIATELY list.

Photo by Marisa

Hope you enjoy these delicious Winter offerings. With food like this, I’m beginning to rethink my attitude towards February.

What's your favorite winter comfort food? Leave a comment and let us know Smile

Peta Stuart
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Hi Mindy
Great article, it is Summer here in Australia so we are not going big on the winter food yet but soon will be, everything looks so delicous. My favorite winter comfort savoury food is split pea and ham soup. I remember coming home in the Winter and the whole house would smell of soup. Sweet would have to be Steamed Jam pudding and custard.

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