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From the Oven to Under the Christmas Tree

Researched and Written by Evelyne of Cheap Ethnic Eatz.

Tonight I am having a mini baking marathon with a girlfriend. Our goal is to complete three recipes (including the December Baker’s Challenge which is due today!) And so last night I was ticking off which ingredients I had in my cupboard and which ones I needed to buy. With Christmas now less then a month away my head started reeling with possible treats I could bake this year. Another list in my head was forming of ingredient purchases to come.

Did I mention I have not even considered sitting down and making a list of gifts I need to buy? As much as I love the holidays it’s a bit tougher this year with the economy. We are all feeling the pinch. But I am a good baker…as you are I am sure. How about baking some treats for friends and family this year instead of gifts? Oh this could be a gold mind idea! I have baked in the past some hostess gifts but how about a large batch of various cookies, bars, and candies as a main gift!

Armed with a paper, a pen and my laptop I went online to find delicious new sweet recipes and edible jewel treats. Was my search ever fruitful! Let me share with you below a series of sure to please recipes you can add to your baking roster for the upcoming holiday season:

Chocolate Thumbprints from The Chocolate Bunny
Valérie chose this classic cookie recipe as a quick gift as described in her post. Taken from a book written by the Domestic Queen, Martha Stewart, this is a sure hit with it buttery texture shaped to protect a dollop of chocolate.

Sugar Cookie Bars from Natalie's Killer Cuisine
Here is an interesting soft bar alternative to the probably most traditional Christmas cookie on earth...and they taste just like the ones her grandmother has made forever.

Chocolate Anise Biscotti from A Series of Kitchen Experiments
I just love biscotti. And I love them even more when they are served with a huge Cafe Latte mug. I associate this type of recipe with a peaceful afternoon break. What could be a better gift?

Baraazak from Ya Salam Cooking
I had to include an ethnic cookie in here. After all I base my writing on ethnic food. The combination of sesame, pistachios and honey make this cookie irresistible. They are perfect with coffee at the end of a meal.

Bacon Cheddar Cookies from Evil Shenanigans
Let’s not forget a savory cookie can be served as an amuse-gueule as your guests mingle before the meal. Or as a gift you can suggest the recipient to try them with a nice big Sunday breakfast.

Marathon Seed & Nut Energy Bars from Madcap Cupcake
Now I bet you are thinking you sure wish you had a nice recipe for that vegan friend or the one with food allergies. These delicious and nutritious bars are dairy-free, gluten-free, and egg-free and contain no refined sugar.

Chocolate Date Surprise from Cheap Ethnic Eatz
This is one of my personal favorites. They are so easy and quick. There are only 3 ingredients and they are always a hit.

Turkish Delight from A Series of Kitchen Experiments
Another fabulous ethnic delight! Elaine also wrote this post when she made this treat as a gift. I'll bet many of you have never heard of or tried these. They are a once in a life time must.

Chocolate Cranberry Bark from No Fear Entertaining
Did someone say chocolate? With cranberries? Can you get any Chirstmas-ier than that? Enough said.

Loh Mai Chi from Citrus and Candy
Loh Mai Chi what? Well can be known to as Glutinous Snowballs. This is a traditional Malaysian recipe. I salivate every time I see their picture and any foodie on your gift list will be impressed by this gift.

Orange Candied Peel
from Cheap Ethnic Eatz
This candy is also very symbolic of the Holidays, at least for me. But mostly they take me back to Nice and the outdoor market. They are a perfect combination of home and exotic destinations.

Rolo Turtles from Candy Addict
Oh I love this one. Take one famous candy to turn it into another famous candy. As mentioned on this post you better make two batches because one will disappear before they get wrapped.

Baileys With A Hint Of Coffee Fudge from A cupcake or two
You cannot disappoint with the gift of fudge! And add Bailey's too it? Sold!

Crunchy Dog Biscuits from 17 and Baking
OK so now you have baked for all your family and friends. But let's not forget human's best friend. Yes pooch is deserving of his own home baked treat as well.

I hope there are 1 or 5 tempting recipes here that you will add to your holiday recipe collection.

I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year filled with many kitchen successes and discoveries.

Evelyne of Cheap Ethnic Eatz

Photography Credits

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  2. Sugar Cookie Bars by Natalie at Natalie's Killer Cuisine
  3. Chocolate Anise Biscotti by Elaine Lim
  4. Baraazak by Noor AlQahtani
  5. Bacon Cheddar Cookies by Kelly at Evil Shenanigans
  6. Marathon Seed & Nut Energy Bars by Marika Collins at Madcap Cupcake
  7. Chocolate Date Surprise by Evelyne Budkewitsch
  8. Turkish Delight by Elaine Lim
  9. Chocolate Cranberry Bark by Judy @ No Fear Entertaining
  10. Loh Mai Chi by Karen of Citrus and Candy
  11. Orange Candied Peel by Evelyne Budkewitsch
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