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Baking Alternatives

Chocolate Chip Cookies 12 ways (a side-by-side comparison of fats, sweeteners and a gluten-free flour)

Written by Hannah of Rise and Shine.

Bakers work with different fats and sweeteners for many reasons. Some use certain ingredients because they swear by them (margarine versus butter remains a great debate), and some are looking for ways to reduce calories from sugar in their diet (stevia and agave syrup being hot items these days). I did some reading on the glycemic index of sweeteners with a bit about substituting sweeteners in baking, which resulted in this post: Comparing Sweeteners in Baking and in Health. Reading up on the health facts behind sweeteners was enlightening, to be sure, and the question of results of using different ingredients in baking really piqued my interest. The questions being (among others): Can I substitute honey or agave syrup for all of the sugar in a recipe?

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