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Recipe Challenge


Daring Cooks
November 2015


Hi Friends! I am Vimala Lakshmi from cooking club17. I have been blogging since 2012 and I love cooking and baking. I am a home baker too and I take baking classes for beginners in India. I am a lover of food and I love to explore world cuisine. I have joined hands with you here to tell you something about our Indian cuisine. Indians are very fond of snacks. We like munching something with our evening tea/ coffee. Come, let’s fry some pakoras and bondas to enjoy with our family.


Daring Bakers
October 2015

Hi! We are Rachael from pizzarossa and Korena from Korena in the Kitchen and we are very excited to bring you the French Macaron! The Daring Bakers tackled the macaron back in October 2009, however with so many new members we thought it would be a good challenge to re-visit. Macarons are a quintessentially French pastry – beautiful, delicate, and a bit finicky – but with a few tips and the right technique, they are completely achievable for the home baker.