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Recipe Challenge

Oeufs à la Neige (snow eggs)

Daring Cooks
January 2015

Hi all, my name is Kim, and I blog over at Ask a Foodie. This is my first time to host with the Daring Cooks'. I have been a member since July 2012 and over that time I have had the opportunity to participate in several challenges, and always felt that if I were to host it would need to be something I was proficient in preparing, however, lovely Sawsan and Rachel encouraged me to take a leap of faith in my skills, in fact saying if it were something I had never prepared that it would show new cooks that it is possible to make what I am going to challenge you to make, you know, what?

Dutch sweet bread (Ontbijtkoek)

Daring Bakers
December 2014

Dutch sweet bread (Ontbijtkoek)

Hello, my name is Andrea and I have been a member of the Daring Kitchen since 2011. I first joined the Daring Kitchen because I wanted to learn new recipes and techniques. I have learned quite a few which ultimately have became favorites in our house.
This month's challenge is a favourite Dutch quick bread called ontbijtkoek (literally translated breakfast cake) or peperkoek (pepper cake).